You recognise the name right? Yes, EA Crysis 3 is that game with the quite spectacular advert that made me originally thought this was a cool new film I just had to watch! Alas no, just a quite incredibly visualised video game.

EA Crysis 3 Trailer

Following on the story from the first two outings, you are a Nanosuit soilder, featuring the personality of Prophet in the body of Alcatraz. Set in an overgrown city scape that has now been over-run with plants and forna (think I Am Legend), there are 7 ‘wonders’ of Crysis 3. Each with it’s own different characteristics from rivers to swamplands, and open fields to canopies high up in trees.

Enough of the story though, it is a must play, quite addictive game. Just check out the Crysis 3 Trailer belowand see for yourself.


This video has kindly been placed by EA and Crysis 3.

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