Over the past couple of years it seems we have become the place everyone comes to for their fix of the Sky Sports News Girls. It’s been our top post through Google for the last two years running, and we don’t see it changing!

Who is the sexiest Sky Sports News Girl?

And as Sky Sports keep adding new females to the Sky Sports News Desk, we must keep updating, but equally we don’t want to lose the old favourites. There are now 11 quite lovely ladies working on the news desk, and we are pleased to show you each and everyone.

The latest Sky Sports Girls are:

  • Kate Abdo
  • Natalie Sawyer
  • Kirsty Gallagher
  • Hayley Mcqueen
  • Millie Clode
  • Charlie Webster
  • Olivia Godfrey (now Olivia Wayne)
  • Vicky Gommersall
  • Rachel Wyse
  • Charlotte Jackson

Read on below to see each one of the Female Sky Sports News Presenters.

Kate Abdo – @Kate_Abdo


Charlotte Jackson – @charloujackson



Natalie Sawyer – @NatalieSawyer


Charlie Webster – @charliecw



Rachel Wyse – @Rachel_Wyse


Vicky Gommersall – @VickyGommersall


Kirsty Gallacher – @TheRealKirstyG


Olivia Godfrey (now Olivia Wayne) – @OliviajWayne


Millie Clode – @millieonair


Hayley Mcqueen – @hayleymcqueen



With such a selection of gorgeous girls bringing us the best sports news all day long we can only salute Sky Sports for being awesome. We are already arguing in the office who we prefer, for me it’s new girl Kate Abdo (no contest) and Joe is still over Olivia. Let us know what you think in the comments below or why not vote!

Who is your favourite Sky Sports News Girl?

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