Smartwatches used to be a thing of pipedreams and the movies, but coming in to 2013 they are becoming common place, and the market is only going to get bigger. CES is going to see the launch of a few we think, and the first (and potentially most exciting) is the new I'm Watch Smartwatch. im-watch-smartwatch

I’m Watch Smartwatch

Everyone's knows about the Pebble E-Paper (and no doubt more delays) and we of course featured the new Casio G-Shock Bluetooth last week, but what about the 'distinguished gent', the I'm Watch. Originally seen last year, it seems the Italian company has learnt alot, and have brought a raft of new features to the table in the new 2013 version details at CES. The I’m Watch uses Bluetooth to connect to iPhone and Android based smartphones, but it seems to offer that little bit more. Yes it delivers the usual calls, alerts, texts and what have you, but the HD Touchscreen on the actual watch promises to deliver much more, and we hope, interaction. Running on a custom version of Android, dubbed I'm Droid (see what they did there??!), this new smartwatch can be completely customised, and of course is open source, leaving the door open for developers. Using the screen, you will be able to check your email, agenda's, weather forcast, pictures, tweets and music from the off. Featuring an Accelerometer and Magnetometer built in, we can see this having huge potential with sport's app developers for cycling, running and of course skiing. Upon launch, the I'm Watch will come in three different flavours:

  • I'm Watch Color Collection (8 colours)
  • I'm Watch Tech Collection
  • I'm Watch Jewel Collection

And we are pretty confident these should cater for most tastes. We are yet to get our hands on the new I'm Watch Smartwatch, but stay tuned next week when we will have one for a full review. If you can't wait you can head 'I'm Here' for more information!

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