Jordan Carver

Jordan Carver

Jordan Carver – Is she ‘too big’?

Bit of a controversial girl this week. Introducing the very, erm, bouncy Jordan Carver. I ran a quick poll on twitter and to be fair many people said she is a pretty girl but they are ‘too big’. Now here at AJB, we don’t want to risk a law suit by being ‘sizeist’ so we thought we won’t discriminate and show you her anyway. But do let us know your thoughts below!

Is Jordan Carver Too Big??

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Jordan Carver Pics

Jordan Carver Pics

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Jordan Carver Lingerie

Jordan Carver Pictures

Jordan Carver Pictures

Jordan Carver Bikini

Jordan Carver Bikini

Jordan Carver Laying

Jordan Carver Laying

You can also follow Jordan on twitter and she is pretty active…

Tickled your fancy?



  1. a man says:

    Hell no, they’re amazing.

    Could be bigger in fact and they’d still be amazing.

  2. Warren says:

    Too big in my eye’s, although I’d be happy to have them in my eye’s to make a real life judgement.

  3. James says:

    Definitely can’t complain about this one mate!


  4. Astaroth says:

    However big they are, they’re still plastic, which makes them crap to begin with; a balloon is still a balloon even if you do stuff it inside somebodys chest!

  5. ptm says:

    looks not bad, but for me they are to big.

  6. Z_Business says:

    They’re individually as big as her head! Far, FAR too big.

  7. Ego says:

    Fairly certain those are real “Astaroth”….not that you would know the difference either way.

  8. RedeyeZ says:

    Those aren’t real Ego. You make it painfully obvious who can’t tell the difference.

  9. Joe says:

    Ha ha, definitely not real. I don’t think anything natural could be THAT much fun…? ;)

  10. jerryt says:

    yeah, they are a bit excessive

  11. Dragon730 says:

    With a figure like that (ignoring her chest), if they were natural, I’d say no, but since they’re fake and she’s playing the “I’m never gonna show my big fake tits” game like Denise Milani, they are too big…

  12. Bartholmew Merrigan says:

    As far as I personaly am concerned hudge tits are wasted flesh.
    The only thing that a tit need to do is produce milk, And that can be done just fine with an A cup.
    I can see having a B so that titfucking can be accomplished.
    anything more is a waste.

  13. subu says:

    Her tits are heaven on earth provided if i can visit. Amazing awesome mind-blowing and what not………

  14. Tezza says:

    Amazing…she is an absolute goodess. There is no way she is too big. Would be great to see her even bigger. In fact in my eyes they could be too small, I think Jordan should get enhanced to the extremes, big is always better and she is still not big enough. Make Jordan bigger than Chelsea Charms then I’d say she is big enough, although she is a lot better looking than Chelsea Charms by a long mile.
    Jordan ignore these fools saying your too big, go for it girl and get boobs so big they become bigger than the latest records, you’d look amazing!!!!!

  15. Joe says:

    Jordan Carver is about as close to perfect as a woman could get. I doubt that her boobs are fake. In some of her pics you can see that they have a “natural” shape. Just because she has really big boobs does not make them fake. There are a few girls who are just born with a lot of extra…and she I feel is one of them.

  16. Stevie O says:

    Big bazookas are part of the “bimbo-babe” image. To get the best out of Jordan, she should be posed on all fours, facing the camera. Count on gravity to do the rest in terms of visual effect……….

  17. Sugarcutte says:

    jordan carver is so sexxy bitch 

  18. Sugarcutee says:

    big tit jordan c <3

  19. Superman-1122 says:

    haha are u gay?

  20. Waz says:

    no it jst shows you watch too much porn

  21. Dusty Demotiv says:

    Big fan of Miss Carver’s work :)

  22. Dusty Demotiv says:

    Big fan of Miss Carver’s work :)

  23. Tcfishook71 says:

    tell me they are too big when they are in your face fag

  24. Jackie Chan says:

    No such thing as ‘too big’ fools!

  25. sarajeffries1 says:

    booobieelisouss!!! xx

  26. Fox234 says:

    I love her gigantic boobs! They are not too big! I would love to suck in them and hear her moan loudly.

  27. Mike Pedersen says:

    They are beautiful :-)

  28. Kjellpil says:

    I love her boobs. She´s a very sexy women.

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