Now if you have an iPhone 5, which really you spent upwards of £500 on, you will want a case to hide it’s shoddy build and bad finish (trust me, we have scratched ones to prove it!). And the new Popslate iPhone 5 Case could well be the coolest yet!

Popslate iPhone 5 Case

It’sa pretty standard looking case, until you flip it over, where you will find a 4inch E Ink Screen on the back. The screen is quite brilliant in a retro cool kind of way. Not only can you upload any image to the back, it also has a special display area for notifications, including sports, maps, notes and all! The screen is always on, but as it is an E Ink, and Black and White, the power consumption is apparently minimal. Only using power when making changes.

Available now on Indiegogo (similar to Kickstarter) in two colours and a snip at $79 (first 500). Will it be as good as it sounds? Probably not, but we do hope so!


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